30 great self-care ideas for your body, mind and soul.

30 self-care ideas for body, mind and soul

In a world that is constantly on the move, it can be difficult to take time for yourself. A deadline, an upcoming holiday or social obligations. Fatigue is lurking. The cure: self-care! I share 30 self-care ideas for inspiration

Believe me, I know all about crowds and feel you don't have time for self-care. I will be traveling soon and I want to have EVERYTHING in order before I leave. In recent days I have spent less time on self-care. And that is noticeable!

Not a good thing for someone who wants to draw attention to self-care, and calls that self-care is the remedy for stress, worrying and restless sleep. I want to feel clear and balanced again. So I have to work with and for myself .

While thinking about my own self-care ritual for the coming days I have written down self-care ideas that I want to share with you. There may be a few that you would like to include in your self-care routine.

Attention to your body, mind and soul

You may have downloaded the MindPiece Self-Care Planner . In this you will see that we have to feed our whole being (body, mind and soul) for optimal results.

Here are 30 ways to be kind to your body, mind and soul. Do you also have good ideas? Then leave them in the comments. I am very curious and I am also open to new inspiration.


Your body is the physical part of your self-care regimen. When your body is healthy and vital, you have more energy and are capable of more.

Change your eating habit

Create a new diet plan if you want to go big. Or start with small steps and make a small change in your breakfast. For example, drink an extra glass of water instead of coffee. Poor nutrition causes obesity and diseases.

Beauty routine

Pay extra attention to your body. How nice is it to take a shower before bed and then apply a nice body lotion. Don't forget your facial care: cleansing and a good moisturizing cream or serum.


Yoga is great for stretching, but you can also stretch in other ways, such as after exercise. Take a 5-minute break while doing work to do stretching and stretching. For example, by stretching your arms above your head and making your spine as long as possible.

Reduce sugars

Added sugar is everywhere! Be more aware of what you put in your mouth, because sugar affects your health and fitness.

More sleep

Sleep is one of the biggest factors affecting our energy level. Get enough sleep. About 7.5 hours a night, but that can also be more if your body asks for it. Resist the temptation to stay up late and feel the difference.


For some a task, for others something they look forward to. No matter how you get used to it, movement is essential. Aren't you from the gym? Then choose to go walking or cycling. It can also help to go to the group classes at the gym. Then you don't have to think for yourself, but of course you need discipline. Go for regular days to make it easier.

In the sun

Sit in the sun for 10 to 15 minutes every day. Good for your vitamin D, and also good for breathing fresh air instead of hanging out all day. Go outside during your lunch break and eat your sandwich or salad in the sun. Watch out for burning!

Try acupuncture

Do you have a physical complaint? Then try acupuncture for relief or healing. You may be more interested in other therapies such as homeopathy.

Visual calm

You don't have to sleep to rest. Just close your eyes for a few minutes. You receive visual stimulation and information throughout the day. So much is coming in! It can feel wonderful to rest your eyes. Notice how it feels to turn off your field of vision for a few minutes. You can do the same for sound. Then go to a quiet place like the bedroom.

Breathing exercises

Too much stress in your body? Do your shoulders and neck feel tight? Inhale through the nose for 4 counts, then exhale through the nose again for the same amount of time. Simple, and good to do more often per day. Also helps to be able to concentrate better again.


10 Self-care activities that focus on the mind. The mind is your inner world of thoughts, beliefs and emotions. Usually our heads are full of thoughts that can create chaos and unrest.


Do something that you really enjoy doing. Watch a movie, take a facial massage or take a walk in nature. But take a break, rest before your busy thoughts.

Mini declutter

Choose a storage location and tidy up. And I mean a mini space like 1 drawer of your chest of drawers, 1 shelf in your wardrobe, the freezer drawer or your bedside table. You put things you don't use on Marktplaats, give them away or put them in a recycling bin. You throw away what is broken. Nice isn't it, that physical space and of course the clarity in your head ?!

Get out of your comfort zone

Do something you have never done or do something that you find scary. Have a chat with a stranger or say what you think is 'real' about that one topic.


Meditate! Give your mind a break. Meditations come in all lengths. Give your day an extra touch with a mini meditation. Take three minutes. Breathe into your stomach for 1 minute, then become aware of your thoughts and feelings for 1 minute. Finally, you focus on your body as a whole. How does it feel?

Tip : do a guided meditation via the Meditation Moments app. There are meditations from 3 minutes to 45 minutes.

Unplug your online life

Turn off your mobile phone for 1 hour or in airplane mode. Return yourself to the base. Yes, so also your iPad on the side.

Inspirational collage

Make a collage about your ideal life, holiday, wedding or home. Choose a theme that is important to you right now. Wonderful to be creative and hang it in a place where you regularly come.

Essential oil

Essential oils provide stress relief. Turn on a diffuser with your favorite oil or put a drop of oil on a tissue or cotton pad and smell it. Delicious as a regular part of your self-care routine.

read a book

Lovely to turn on Netflix and not think. It is great to lose yourself completely in a book, empathize with a character and use your imagination. Or just to learn new things. Set a specific time per day that you want to read, for example, 15 minutes in your bed before going to sleep.

Follow an online tutorial

Learn something new and watch an online tutorial. YouTube is full of it. Topics for tutorials: healthy eating, journaling, beauty, website building. Everything you can think of. What would you like to learn or what topic would you like to know more about?

Listen to music

Create a new playlist in Spotify based on your mood. If you are happy, collect all the happy songs. What is also nice: a nostalgic playlist with songs from your childhood or childhood. I recently created a playlist that reminds me of Sundays as a child when my parents had the radio on. But: don't get melancholy. Keep on smiling.


Be your best friend

Imagine that you are your best friend. What would you say to yourself right now? Take a look in the mirror and be kind to yourself the way you love your friends. We are often too strict with ourselves.

Help someone and give

Carry a bag for an elderly lady, help a friend in need, give a gift to a less fortunate. Think of it yourself. It is important that you do not have the intention of wanting something in return. Giving and helping gives satisfaction.


Walk aimlessly through the city or village where you live. Discover new streets and squares, or a new walking route. Notice the beauty of buildings, the park or nature. Listen to the rustling of the trees or the birds.

Put your thoughts on paper

Take 15 minutes in which you write down everything that bothers you or that concerns you in a negative way. Then tear the paper into pieces and throw it away. Or burn the paper. Be careful! Option 1 is better if you don't have a fireplace. ;-)

Hug your pet

Don't you have a pet? Then cuddle your parents 'dog or neighbors' cat. Delicious: receiving love and giving love. Nothing touches the soul more.

Positive feedback

Ask 3 good friends for positive feedback. What do they like about you? What is your strong feature? Why do they appreciate your friendship? And what a moment they never forget.

Cry or talk, toss it out

Do you feel that you are holding your emotions in spasms? That your heart feels heavy? Or do you feel alone? Time to share feelings. Crying is allowed. That is nice and fresh. But if you're not comfortable with that, at least talk to someone. Your partner, your girlfriend or your mother. Someone with whom you feel safe.

Loving affirmations

Make time to say loving affirmations to yourself daily. Speak them out loud or in your mind. Stick a piece of paper on the mirror as a reminder. Repetition is important in affirmations.

Dare to say no

Choose yourself more often and say no. No is also enough. It is a complete sentence. You owe no explanation to anyone and you don't have to justify anything. Stay firm and don't get talked about. Love yourself.

Sunrise or sunset

Sit or stand quietly. Enjoy the silence or background sounds on your own. Observe your surroundings and see how the sunrise or sunset enchants the world in beautiful colors.

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Anita - Founder MindPiece and self-care junkie

I also thought that self-care is an evening on the couch, with the necessary refreshments. Through yoga and meditation I found out that self-care involves much more. Since a year I started to seriously investigate what self-care is. You can read about these findings in my blogs. Don't forget to browse the webshop with jewelry that contributes to a positive mindset !

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