4 Habits and extra tips for more and better self-care

4 Habits for more and better self-care

You enthusiastically start a self-care routine. You make time for yourself and enjoy your me-time moments. But soon you return to your old pattern. Self-care is a concept that is again on your to-do list, but for which you do not have time. In other words, you don't give yourself a priority. Gone me-time moments. Wondering how to make more time for self-care?

For many of us, self-care is not self-evident. Our to- do lists are full of: busy jobs, social obligations, housekeeping, children and so on. These to-do lists are often full of other people's tasks, and your own "things" are at the bottom . You feel like you don't have the time or energy for self-care.

Apologies, and don't consider myself important enough

Not so long ago I started thinking about why I didn't take it very seriously with self-care. Why didn't I take time for myself ? The main reasons for me were no energy, making excuses, being too busy with negative things, and supposedly not having time. Subsequently, I started reading more about self-care and the associated dimensions discussed in the article. During my search I came across 4 habits that are generally quickly neglected . This neglect has a negative effect on your self-care routine.

Are you curious about which 4 habits are important for your self care routine and are you sticking to it? Keep reading to get a better understanding of what you can do to change.

Indispensable habits

In my self-care quest I discovered that there are four main habits or behaviors that have a huge impact on your self-care routine. Do you have the feeling that self-care is difficult and that you cannot keep it up? If you fall back into an old pattern without self-care, it may be a result of neglecting one of these four habits.

The 4 main habits are:

  • Self-discipline
  • Focus
  • Consistency
  • Indicate boundaries

It is true that these habits do not appear out of the blue. You need to practice. When people hear the word discipline, they already become restless. But by working on these habits, you can take care of yourself a lot better and easier, which in the end benefits your daily life. Self-care contributes to a better life: more love and understanding for yourself, better health and more connection with your environment. You will have more time and energy for the things that are important to you.

Discipline and focus, bad words? No, just lovingly.

1. Discipline means that you do the things you need or need, regardless of your sense and energy. You do what you expect from yourself and follow the rules without apologies. Self-discipline is self-love , because it is a sign that you respect yourself by sticking to the agreements you have made with yourself.

2. Focusing means that you are going for something without being distracted. Keeping focus means staying sharp. By keeping focus, obstructive thoughts, doubts, obstacles appear to be overcome. Knowing what you want is extremely important here. Set a goal and focus on it. Avoid distractions, because they create doubt and confusion.

3. Set boundaries with and for yourself . This way you can protect your time and energy. When your boundaries are clear and doing everything you can to stick to them, you give yourself permission to focus on your own needs.

4. Stay consistent. Integrate self-care into your daily routine so that it is not an isolated element in your life, but part of your lifestyle. And if you do deviate, pick it up in your routine as soon as possible.

Very valuable to know which habits are so important to your self-care routine. But how do you change your habits?

1. Set limits

By setting boundaries you make it clear to yourself and someone else what you want and don't want. The first step is to get to know your limits. What is good self-care for you? What do you want and don't want to leave for self-care?

To get a better picture of your boundaries , you first need to analyze what behavior you tolerate or don't tolerate yourself and others. What are your priorities? What do you like or dislike? When you feel anger, irritation or sadness, it is possible that your limit has been exceeded.

After that it is important to keep yourself to your limits. This is easier when you consider the consequences when you cross your own border. Ask yourself if you will be happy if you have not listened to your own boundary. Are you happy at work tomorrow, when you drink those delicious wines it will be the party tonight?

It is also necessary to indicate your limits to the people around you when the situation demands it. That is not always easy, but it is important. You can tell the other person what you feel, tell yourself what you don't like, name the consequences for yourself and tell what you want. You can also decline invitations and requests from others with a simple 'no' because an explanation is not always necessary. Only you are responsible for guarding your boundaries.

2. Learn to focus

Focus is not without motivation. What is it that you want to achieve? Why do you want to achieve that? Fill this in for yourself. When your goal is clear , you will also be motivated to do what benefits your focus.

So draw up a self-care plan and clearly know why you want it. Focus on your goal to implement it, make self-care a priority and don't get distracted. For example, set a goal for 20 minutes of self-care each day through meditation with the intended result that you can focus on your breath for 20 minutes without interruptions instead of straying to all the thoughts that come up. It is important to give your full attention in your self-care time. Self-care with your children around you who demand attention, for example, is not useful.

3. Be consistent

Small steps are required to remain consistent. That is why I also wrote the article about a short self-care routine in the morning. Most people cannot incorporate major changes into their daily routine overnight. But small changes are easier to implement.

Start with a small thing like drinking a glass of water immediately after getting up. Or a 7-minute meditation right after waking up before you get out of bed. See link below to meditation. Meditation not your thing? Write down 3 things you are thankful for before going to sleep. Small steps to a nice self-care routine, but set a clear goal and speak to yourself that you stick to it. Remove temptations: for example, put your phone on airplane mode or put your phone in another room. And don't forget: reward yourself!

4. Self-discipline

Self-discipline is necessary to bring positive changes into your life. Doing what you have to do and not what you really want. You do what it takes to take care of yourself. It's about the longer-term benefit rather than short-term pleasures. As also indicated at consistency: remove temptations. If you have agreed with yourself not to eat chips during the week, do not buy chips at home. Prove yourself that you are in control and that you determine what happens based on your objective.

It is also useful to start small and, for example, first set 1 small goal. It is difficult to immediately want to change everything: walk every morning, meditate for 30 minutes and also listen to a podcast. Start small by taking 15 minutes to have a quiet breakfast, for example. That makes it easier to keep up. After about 2 to 3 months, this change will become a habit and you will do it automatically. Time for a new addition!

You now have an idea of which habits are important to start or to change in your self-care routine. Start today with a self-care goal. JYou can download the self-care planner for free.

Good luck! Greetings Anita!

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Anita - Founder MindPiece and student of life

I also thought that self-care is an evening on the couch, with the necessary refreshments. Through yoga and meditation I found out that self-care involves much more. Since a year I started to seriously investigate what self-care is. You can read about these findings in my blogs. Don't forget to browse the webshop with jewelry that contributes to a positive mindset !

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