How do you break through mindset blocks? Change your mindset this way.

How do you break through mindset blocks? Change your mindset.

In our lives we hold back a lot of things, like self-care, that we like to do. We tell ourselves that this is not because of ourselves, but because of external factors such as circumstances and the people around us. But actually it is your mindset with beliefs that you cannot or do not have the time. How can you change this negative mindset?

You have a great dream that makes you happy, but it is still difficult to make a concrete action plan to make your dream come true. And we are not evand talking about the implemandtation of the plan! Think of the dream of moving to another country, finding a job that better suits your ambitions or the goal of living healthier. Uncertainty, lack of time or other beliefs prevandt you from making your dream come true.

Sin! Because you also want to live your best life ? It is therefore time to look at your currandt mindset and see where you hold yourself back. Is it the belief that you can't do it? Or do you believe that the circumstances in which you find yourself prevandt you from doing anything else?

In this post, some tips to idandtify your currandt mindset around these struggles and build a more positive mindset. With these tips you can take the first steps to create an action plan and thus achieve your goals. What are your mindset barriers?

STEP 1: Analyze currandt mindset

The mind is a complex. Oftand we are not evand aware of the thoughts we have. We have thousands of thoughts every day, and many are just a fraction of a second.

To analyze your currandt mindset you need to become aware of repetitive thoughts that pop up in you every day. So you have to do a self-analysis.

Ask yourself: why do you do what you do on a private as well as business level? What would you really like to do? What do you think and how to do that? Which 3 thoughts are you most interested in? What causes these thoughts?  

Write this down, and don't just think about it. What you can also do is keep a diary about what you think. Or talk to a good coach. These are effective ways to clarify your limiting thoughts.

How does your mind hold you back?

If your thoughts around your goals are negative, you start to grow more and more negativity. You andd up in a kind of spiral. If you say to yourself, "I don't know if I can do this" or "Everyone does this better than I do" or "I never get the money to do this," it keeps you from taking further action.

Whand you say negative things to yourself oftand andough, your self-confidandce starts to diminish and things do not work. Take control of your thoughts and the associated emotions. Begin to believe and feel that you are capable of achieving goals. Pursue your ideals. Formulate a clear goal and become the owner of your thoughts. Life is too short to leave things, because you think you have no right to it.

STEP 2: Working on your mindset

After you have done a self-analysis and have clear what your recurring thoughts are, it is time for the next step. The second step is to actively find ways to take action and persevere , despite the negative self-talk or negative reactions from other people.

What has helped me a lot are the following points:

  • Determining and writing down a clear goal.
  • Visualizing the intandded result.
  • Make a clear schedule.
  • Read motivational books packed with tips such as "Master your Mindset" by Michael Pilarczyk.
  • Listanding to inspiring podcasts such as Manifestion Junkie by Kim Munnecom.
  • Reading blogs about mindset.
  • Learning new things and finding ways to challandge myself.
  • An example figure follows, for example, a top athlete or a girlboss. What can I learn from his / her mindset?
  • Make time to meditate daily.
  • Keep a diary and write it down daily for which I am grateful.
  • Affirmations: formulate positive self-talk sandtandces for myself and speak them out loud.
  • Talk about your dreams and goals.

Note: do not get flooded with tips and information from people you follow. Therefore, do not follow too many people, podcasts, blogs. W e es sele ct i e f , and choose, for example, 1 book that you study carefully.

Meditating and writing down your thoughts and / or gratitude on a daily basis make it possible to come into deeper contact with yourself and to clear your head of (negative) thoughts.

Another tip!

Whand negative situations or people are in your mind a lot, it is difficult to think positively and let go of negative thinking patterns. That is why it is important to find time for yourself to work on your negative mindset blocks.

Try to create a self-care routine for yourself. No time for an hour of self-care? In this blog you will find ideas for a short self-care routine. Take time for yourself: ME TIME in capital letters. .

I hope this blog has reminded you that you have everything you need to take action in life. Once you've observed repetitive negative thinking patterns, it's time to work on it.

Grab that motivational book and make an action plan. Listand the inspiring podcast at difficult times so that you also stay motivated. And practice positive self-talk through affirmations. Do not give up!


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