A good start with a short morning self-care routine.

A short self-care routine for the morning. #little time

What does your morning look like on a weekday? No time for a me-time moment? Let me guess: the alarm goes off, snooze a bit and then find out that you have to hurry or you will be stuck in traffic. Or just before leaving through Instagram and Facebook and then sprint to the train station. Does this sound familiar? Make time for yourself, right now!

A hasty start to the day can make you feel rushed , leaving you feeling out of control. The day happens to you instead of being in control. Often you also feel that you don't have enough time to do everything you should do and what you would like to do.

We cannot buy, exchange or relive time. So we must be aware of the time we have and make the right choices for optimal use of our time. Especially in the morning. How would you like to make the mornings your favorite time of the day?

Little time

I have found that you can also do self-care in the mornings, even if you have little time. Step 1 is waking up mindful . Watch the sun rise, hear the birds chirping, think about what you would like to complete today. So nice to consider these self-explanations.

But there are even more self-care activities you can do during your morning self-care routine . Important is: get up fifteen minutes to 20 minutes earlier, or leave your phone on airplane mode and make self-care your priority instead of social media. When it is difficult to get out of bed, you can put the phone or alarm clock out of reach, so that you have to get out of bed.

Start a short self-care routine

The moment you wake up, don't immediately reach for your phone to check social media. Making your bed is a great start to the day, because it immediately creates a tidy feeling . It is a sign of discipline to accomplish that simple task at a set time every day. You start the day right, which is a good trigger to complete your tasks for the rest of the day. After that, it is important to immediately hydrate yourself by drinking a glass of water.

Geej, you are now ready for the next self-care moments! In the self-care planner you can see that self-care is divided into 3 focus areas: body, mind and soul. I will stick to these 3 areas, even for a short self-care routine.


It is very nice to stretch before the start of the day. You can do this by stretching exercises, but also by yoga. Yoga does not have to last an hour as you will be used to in the yoga studios. There are already videos on YouTube for short yoga sessions of 5 to 10 minutes. Take a look at the YouTube channel 'Yoga With Adriene' or 'Yoga With Kassandra'. Once on the mat you would prefer to continue longer! The next must-do is a healthy breakfast before or after a shower. Keep it simple: a bowl of fruit with oatmeal is easily made, but super healthy.



For some time now I love to do a short meditation in the mornings before starting to work. I use the App ' Meditation Moments ' for guided meditations. You can also do a meditation immediately when you wake up, because at that moment your head is not yet full of to-do lists that can distract you. As long as you don't fall asleep!

In the app you will find short meditations of 5 to 7 minutes. There are also plenty of longer meditations for days when you wake up earlier or have more time. The gratitude meditation and the daily affirmations are my favorite at the moment. Of course you can also meditate without App or guided meditation.

When I'm at my desk, I grab my planner first and make a priority list for the day. Which 3 things must be done? It is also good to grab your goal list. Everyone should have this list so that you can focus on the activities to help you achieve your goals. You do not make this list during your daily self-care routine, but you make it at a time when you have the time.


When I make and eat my breakfast, I listen to inspiring podcasts . My favorite podcasts at the moment are ' Manifestation Junkie ' by Kim Munnecom and 'Master Your Mindset' by Michael Pilarczyk and his partner Cindy. You can also listen to these podcasts on the road in the car or on the train. Inspiration and motivation all over the place!

Furthermore, I say 3 affirmations aloud to myself. This can be done while doing your hair and / or makeup. Affirmations are personal and should be formulated based on your needs. Some short examples:

  • I can achieve what I want.
  • I am fitter than ever.
  • I feel rich.
  • I deserve love.

I hope this description of a short self-care routine has given you inspiration so that you will have more focus and peace of mind during the day. Soon I will publish a self-care cheat sheet containing 30 ideas for self-care activities under 15 minutes. Sign up for the newsletter to stay informed.

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Anita - Founder MindPiece and student of life

I also thought that self-care is an evening on the couch, with the necessary refreshments. Through yoga and meditation I found out that self-care involves much more. Since a year I started to seriously investigate what self-care is. You can read about these findings in my blogs. Don't forget to browse the webshop with jewelry that contributes to a positive mindset !

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