Me-time: time for yourself with self-care. This is what few people know.

What is self-care?
This is what few people know ...

The term "self-care" and "Me-Time" is a hot topic on Instagram and other social media. Sounds great right ?! I always thought of a warm bath, a mask and then in my pajamas on the couch. And then you are ready, or not? It turns out to be different ...

As more and more people talk and write about self-care , many misconceptions also arise. Other terms that come up a lot are 'me-time' and 'taking time for yourself' . What do we mean by the beautiful term self-care? During my own self-care adventure I learned that 'self- care ' is not only about yoga and the use of beauty products. It is of course about your 'body', but also your 'mind' and 'soul'!

It is a good sign that more and more people are consciously taking time for themselves in this busy society. Making time for ourselves is important for a happy and fulfilling life. Yoga and meditation are popular self-care activities focused on the mind and soul.

It is important to know that in addition to yoga and meditation you have countless possibilities for self-care. In this article I describe:

  • Which is self-care.
  • What self-care can do for you.
  • How you can start with self-care.

Definition of self-care

Literally translated, self-care means "self-care". Self-care is the habit of taking care of yourself by pressing one regular perform basic activities that contribute to improving your well-being. Self-care can reduce stress and make you feel more vital and happier.

Have you read the word REGULARLY? Self-care does not mean an afternoon in the sauna and the rest of the month you do not pay attention to self-care. It is important to plan recurring self-care moments in our daily life . You should make time for yourself every day. Something that fits into your daily routine so that you can feel relaxed, away from the busy schedule and obligations.

A useful short definition is that of Raphailia Micheal ( although I miss the aspect 'regularly'.

"Self-care is any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health".

Raphaelia Micheal

Self-care ≠ reward

Often self-care and me-time are confused with a reward for yourself. Do you know those Instagram posts of tired women where they plopped on the couch with a glass of wine and a pizza including #selfcare? Here it is time to make yourself with self-care confused with rewarding yourself. I understand that you confuse these two concepts. Isn't self-care nice to yourself?

The difference is that self-care contributes to your well-being . A reward temporarily gives you a good feeling, but does not necessarily have benefits for your health, your mindset or the connection with yourself. A pizza is delicious, but not healthy. Remember that self-care has a positive impact in the short and long term. At the time of self-care we 'take care of' ourselves.

You can make self-care fun by choosing self-care activities that suit you! There are many different ways to take care of yourself. For example, you can choose to walk every morning instead of going to the yoga studio every Wednesday evening. The self-care activities are different for everyone. There isn't a 'one-size-fits-all' self-care routine. A self-care routine is a series of self-care activities that focus on the body, mind and soul. It is your choice how you enter this routine .

Why is self-care important?

Self-care is not just a moment for yourself, or just a good time. With self-care you enjoy the following benefits :

  • Better coping with stress and reducing stress.
  • Have more control over your emotions and automatic thinking patterns. Especially if they are negative.
  • Better and more conscious contact with your loved ones and yourself. Often with more depth.
  • Increase your energy level by improving physical and mental health.
  • Achieve a sense of balance and balance by setting goals.

You also want to start with self-care, but how?

Now that the benefits of self-care are clear, you want to get started right away. But how do you start ? Let's make it easy to find a good approach.

The Gottman Institute has split self-care into 5 dimensions , giving us a self-care structure.

  1. Physical self-care
  2. Emotional self-care
  3. Social self-care
  4. Spiritual self-care
  5. Intellectual self-care

These five dimensions I translated the elements body, mind and soul . I recommend that you read the article: 5 dimensions of self-care. It will become clear what the various aspects of self-care are and which self-care activities are part of this.

By diving into these 5 dimensions I have learned to build a self-care routine, and also to do self-care activities that make me happy. It helped me a lot. Read on quick!

PS Also the free downloadable self-care planner is an asset to a clear self-care routine.

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Anita - Founder MindPiece and self-care junkie

I also thought that self-care is an evening on the couch, with the necessary refreshments. Through yoga and meditation I found out that self-care involves much more. Since a year I started to seriously investigate what self-care is. You can read about these findings in my blogs. Don't forget to browse the webshop with jewelry that contributes to a positive mindset !

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