The story

Our mission is to spread the power of optimism. With MindPiece bracelets we want to inspire, motivate and empower women.

Optimism is not blind faith, but rather the ability to be hopeful about the future, and to channel your own capabilities, towards building a brighter future for yourself. It is also the ability to look for the best in any situation. The bracelet brand MindPiece was started as I needed a daily motivation myself. I found the perfect solution and decided to share it with other women.

A optimistic attitude is helpful towards life. It allows you to consider all the ways in which you can be successful in whatever challenges you are facing. That may be building your dream career, raising your self-confidence, improving your health and construct better relationships.

Of course I love to present the MindPiece bracelets on the website and on social media. Besides the bracelets I enjoy to show you the little Dutch Caribbean island Curacao by being the photographic scenery of most images.

Why Curaçao? I always had the dream about living on a tropical island with an azure blue sea and palm trees rustling through the wind. In 2016 my dream came true and I spend most time of the year on Curacao.

However, we do keep most of our stock in The Netherlands. Don’t worry about your order. Most of the times it will be shipped the same day or the next day. The technologies nowadays bring us a lot of advantages!

You may have become curious. So take a look in our shop. I am sure that there is a quote that is suitable for you.

XOXO Anita